American Fridge Freezers

You're in the market for a fridge freezer but you want something more than just the normal fridge out there, look no further, the american fridge freezer is your answer. American fridge freezers are very popular around the world and especially in the UK and Ireland.

What is it? An american style fridge freezer is different to most other fridge freezers as they have double doors that open from the middle rather than the standard single single door. They usually also have additional features as electronic displays, built in water and ice dispensers which can give them the edge over normal fridge freezers.

There are a couple of things to think about when choosing an American fridge freezer. The first is size, these fridges can be a lot larger than your normal fridge so make sure you have enough room for it in your kitchen! This also comes with the extra bonus of more room for your food and drink.

Maybe you're looking for more functionality. Most american style comes with the highly sought after ice maker and water dispenser, these little luxuries go a long way when you want ice in your drink without doing the whole routine of looking for that ice tray in the freezer.

We stock the best brands and models you can choose from, these include Hisense, LG, Samsung.

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