Dyson Fans

Dyson fans balance exceptional design with advanced technology, engineered to enhance any space's aesthetics and atmosphere. Whether elevating the ambience of your office or cooling your living room, investing in a Dyson fan is a smart choice.

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These fans redefine traditional air circulation concepts, eliminating the need for blades and offering a continuous airflow that's significantly quieter – up to 75% less noise compared to conventional fans. This innovation ensures that your peace isn't disturbed, whether you're working late or need a cool breeze on warm nights. Plus, with select models featuring a heating option, these fans are versatile enough for year-round comfort.

The bladeless design of Dyson fans extends beyond just aesthetics. With multiple speed settings and a programmable sleep timer ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours, these fans have you covered. The Hot + Cool range adds a heating element, evenly warming your space with adjustable temperature, airflow, and oscillation controls. The fans' design allows for tilting around their centre of gravity, altering the direction of airflow.

The heart of Dyson's innovation lies in its Air Multiplier technology. This technology redefines how air is circulated, pulling in surrounding air and amplifying it to create a smooth, powerful airflow. Unlike traditional fans that often produce a disjointed breeze, Dyson's bladeless fans offer a steady, uninterrupted airflow, immediately noticeable in its smoothness.

Dyson Cool fans are designed with streamlined air channels to minimise turbulence, making them up to 75% quieter than their predecessors – a godsend for peaceful nights.

The Dyson tower fans, such as the AMO9, come with a remote control, offering various speed settings and the flexibility to adjust airflow precisely to your liking. Their tilt and pivot features enable you to direct the airflow exactly where needed.

For those seeking a device that adapts to all seasons, Dyson’s Hot & Cool fan heater is the ultimate solution. It provides cool air in the summer and powerful heating in the winter, making it an indispensable tool for any home or office. Dyson's heating technology is as innovative as its cooling technology, featuring an intelligent thermostat that ensures an even and consistent temperature throughout the room.

At CS Suppliers, we offer a variety of Dyson fans that combine great design with effective performance. Our extensive range of Dyson products also includes heaters, air purifiers and humidifiers. Whether you need to cool down or manage allergens or humidity in your home or office, our range has something for everyone. Take a look at our collection and see how a Dyson fan can make a sleek and practical addition to your space.

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