Electric Cookers

Electric cookers are one of the most popular cooking appliances in the UK and Ireland, only perhaps second in popularity to their dual fuel cousin. 

Due to their nature, freestanding electric cookers are usually cheaper than separate ovens and hobs. There's also an added advantage of easy installation, as you aren't required to cut holes in the worktop surface for gas piping.

Hobs for electric cookers usually come in three varieties: Induction, Ceramic and Solid Plate. Induction hobs and ceramic hobs both feature a glass-like surface - while induction hobs are great for temperature control, ceramic hobs are slightly slower to react when adjusting the temperature and glow red as a safety measure. In contrast, Solid Plate hobs are slightly elevated plates, which again are slower to cool down.

Electric cookers sport many benefits compared to traditional cookers. Due to their design, they distribute their heat more evenly which reduces the time needed to cook. They are also easier to clean as they have a glass finish - which is easy to wipe down!

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