Free Recycling

Take back your old appliance and recycle for free!

We offer responsible removal and recycling of all old electronic products and electrical appliances for free. When you have a new item delivered by our own van crew rather than direct from a supplier or carrier service.

We'll remove and recycle washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, cookers, cooker hoods and hobs free of charge. Before our delivery crew arrives, please make sure the old appliance is empty of any water, and is safely disconnected from the water and electricity (or gas) supply. If it's a tumble dryer, please disconnect the vent hose or empty the condenser water tank.

We'll also remove and recycle your old TV set. Please just make sure it's safely disconnected from the mains supply and any other equipment, such as a DVD player or digibox.

Please note that we do reserve the right to refuse to collect any item we believe constitutes a health and safety risk to our employees, or anyone working on our behalf. We may also refuse to remove an item from your home if we feel that there is a risk of causing damage to your property.