Integrated washing machines

We provide a large range of integrated washing machines that are designed to save you energy and time while providing the best quality of the wash.

Integrated machines offer many different advantages compared to traditional freestanding washing machines.

If you're looking for that designer kitchen, an integrated washing machine could be a good choice. Our integrated appliances are designed to fit and flow with your style of kitchen and they usually sit behind a standard kitchen cupboard. This allows for discretion, keeping your kitchen look cohesive and singular.

Inbuilt washing machines are also great for saving space. Whether you have a narrow Galley kitchen or a Pullman kitchen layout, saving floor space is always a bonus. If you're wanting complete discretion, why not create your very own laundry washroom within your utility room?

Integrated washing machines are quieter than their freestanding counterpart. As the integrated style is smaller, they are also designed to be quieter. The closed-covering cupboard door also softens the sound, meaning you won't be disturbed while your machine is washing a load.

Browse our top integrated washing machine brands, with manufacturers such as Beko, Bosch, Indesit, Candy, Hoover, and Hotpoint. Top brands like these are renowned for creating high-quality and long-lasting appliances. They also offer the most eco-friendly and cost-effective washing technology, allowing you to save money and the planet while you wash.

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