An iron needs no introduction, it's an indespicalbe part of modern home appliances. Maybe you are looking for an upgrade or even just a replacement, look no further, our Morphy Richards iron will fit your description.

Morphy Richards is a trusted household name in British and Irish homes. They are known for their thoughtful simplicity, and the idea of building household products that make life more simple and easier. They are also known for the durability of their products, believing in making it once well and making it last.

Our irons are perfect for busy households and make light of housework. The auto clean and descale functions keep your machine free from limescale and working at its best. It automatically flushes limescale build-up away from the boiler. The powerful Steam Generator Iron with 7 bar pressure and an impressive 140g/min of pressurised steam, so even the toughest creases don’t stand a chance.

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