Chest Freezers

Are you a foodie and want more room in your freezer to keep making your favourite dishes? Then the chest freezer is the answer. The chest freezer is made to give you additional freezer space. Have a look at our selection of chest freezers.

The chest freezer is the most economical type of freezer. It's called a chest freezer as you imagine, it looks like a chest or box with a lid that lifts upward.

Chest freezers can range in size from very compact to very large though they tend to be on the large size as they are more of a storage unit for frozen items. Due to their large size, they aren't usually found in kitchens but more in secondary spaces such as garages, sheds and utility rooms. Due to their large size, they are best used for large and bulk items rather than overcrowding your normal freezer.

Chest freezers do not have a fan which limits air circulation and temperature can become inconsistent but as long as the temperature is below freezing, it will not affect any foodstuff.

We have the best quality and well-renowned brands such as FridgeMaster, Hotpoint and Indesit. These brands are all household names and will not disappoint.

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