Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Browse our range of upright vacuum cleaners. These vacuums are the epitome of traditional cleaning reimagined with modern technology, offering power and convenience for your home's different floor types.

Discover our range of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Our upright vacuum cleaners are engineered to deliver a deep clean on a variety of surfaces. Whether plush carpets or sleek hardwood floors, these vacuums glide and clean effortlessly. Their robust suction power ensures that every speck of dirt and dust is captured.

Features designed to tackle the toughest of messes make for easy use. From technology that prevents hair entanglement in the brush roll to dual-action brushes that adapt to different floor types, our upright vacuums are equipped to handle it all. These features enhance cleaning efficiency while making your vacuum easy to maintain.

If you're searching for the very best, the Dyson upright vacuum range is the place to look. If you're looking for a different but just as powerful vacuum, check out our range of cylinder vacuum cleaners.

Our selection of upright vacuum cleaners offers something for every household. Whether you need a lightweight model for quick clean-ups or a more robust machine for comprehensive cleaning, our range has you covered. Each model is crafted to offer the perfect balance of performance and ease, ensuring that your cleaning routine is effective and enjoyable.

At CS Suppliers, we believe in providing solutions that make your life easier. Our upright vacuum cleaners combine traditional cleaning methods with contemporary technology to do just that. Explore our collection today and experience the difference in your cleaning routine.

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