Built-in Hobs

Are you looking for a built-in hob instead of a whole oven? We have you covered. Built-in hobs are becoming increasingly more popular than the standard freestanding oven. 

Integrated hobs usually sit snugly on kitchen countertops, and can be positioned away from the main oven compartment to maximize kitchen space and suit all kitchen layouts. These built-in hobs give a seamless finish to your counter, blending and coordinating easily with your overall kitchen aesthetic.  

Here at CS Suppliers we offer two types of hobs, each with its own advantages: Gas and Electric. 

If you're wanting an easy-to-clean hob, without the danger of an open flame - an Electric hob is your best bet. Electric hobs can come in two varieties; induction and ceramic. While ceramic hobs are a cheaper, more budget-friendly option, induction hobs are considered both safer and faster, with rings that heat up quickly and efficiently.  

Gas hobs can also be a great option for your kitchen - although these traditional models are hard to clean, gas oven hobs are preferred by professional chefs as they offer more precise control over temperature and prove cheaper to run than their electric counterparts. 

Browse our range of high-quality brands, with hobs from household names such as Beko, Belling, Hotpoint, and Indesit.

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