Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Discover stress-free cleaning with our range of cylinder vacuum cleaners. These easy-to-manoeuvre, high-performance vacuums are designed to make hoovering a breeze.

Discover our range of Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Our cylinder vacuum cleaners are equipped with all the technology you need for a pristine home. Multi-surface functionality allows you to smoothly transition from carpets to hard floors. Features include multi-surface functionality, Hyclean 3D filtration, operational air filters, bagless design, carbon fibre turbine heads and easy steering. A low-maintenance bagged design offers a hygienic solution, containing and therefore controlling allergens and odours within your home. Whereas, the bagless cylinder vacuum gives you the convenience of quick and easy disposal without the need to order or replace bags.

The standout feature of our cylinder vacuums is their unmatched manoeuvrability. Smaller and lighter than upright vacuum cleaners, they glide through your living spaces, reach under furniture, and navigate tight corners without the strain that may come with some larger models. Their compact size not only makes them easy to use but also simple to store, making sure that your vacuum is always on hand but never in the way.

If you live in a smaller home or flat, you'll find our cylinder vacuum cleaners to be a perfect fit. They provide the cleaning power you need without taking up the space you can't spare. With these vacuums, tackling inaccessible areas becomes a task you'll look forward to, thanks to their lightweight and agile design. The bonus: they're equally as effective in larger homes.

We have all the best brands in cylinder vacuums, including the ever-reliant Bosch, Miele and Dyson.

We understand that cleaning should be a hassle-free experience. That's why our range of cylinder vacuum cleaners is designed to offer you the best in terms of technology, performance and ease of use. Leave stressful hoovering behind with quick, efficient and easy cleaning. Explore our collection today and find the ideal vacuum cleaner for your home.

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