Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Hoovering is made easier and less stressful with our cylinder vacuum cleaners! Our easy-to-manoeuvre yet still high-performance cylinder vacuums are perfect for small houses and flats.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners have the technology you need to keep your home clean and tidy. Features include multi-surface functionality, Hyclean 3D filtration, operational air filters, bagless design, carbon fibre turbine heads and of course easy steering.

The main advantage cylinder vacuums have over their upright vacuum cleaner cousins is their manoeuvrability! As they are smaller and lighter than large models, cylinder vacuum cleaners are an ideal choice for smaller homes and flats. As they are so easy to manoeuvre, they allow you to reach inaccessible areas with ease, their small size also means they can be easily stored.

We have all the best brands in cylinder vacuums. Our brands include the ever-reliant Bosch, Miele, the world-known Dyson and the hard-to-forget Numatic ‘Henry the Hoover’.

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